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Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH

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Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH
Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH

Large Image :  Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: NOK
Model Number: CU0424-K0
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: plastic bag,carton box
Delivery Time: 5-8 Work Days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T, Banktransfer, MoneyGram,Credite Card
Supply Ability: 5000 Pieces Per Month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Excavator Piston Rod Cylinder Seals Size: 35 * 45 * 6
Material: PU Item Code: CU0424-K0
Type: Oil Seal Color: BLACK
Power: Hydraulic Application: Cylinder
High Light:

CU0424-K0 Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal


35x45x6 Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal


USH Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal

Excavator Piston Rod Cylinder Seals CU0424-K0 35 * 45 * 6 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal USH

Oil seals are functional parts used to seal oil. Composed of synthetic rubber, metal rings and springs, they prevent the leakage of lubricants from gaps within machines and bearings. They also prevent the entry of dust from the outside

Product Specification

Type USH
Standard or notstandard Standard
Shipment UPS,DHL,FedEx,EMS,Ocean etc
Delivery Time 5-7 work days
Feture Wear-resistant,Impact-resistant,Heat-resistant,Cold-resistant,UV-resistant

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 0

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Some details of other iterm code


Item Code Type Size Material
CU0180-K0 USH 18x26x5 A505
CU0180-K6 USH 18x26x5 F357
CU0212-K0 USH 20x28x5 A505
CU0212-K4 USH 20x28x5 F357
CU0260-K0 USH 22.4x30x5 A505
CU0260-K3 USH 22.4x30x5 F357
CU0267-K0 USH 23.5x31.5x5 A505
CU0276-K0 USH 25x33x5 A505
CU0276-K3 USH 25x33x5 F357
CU0320-K0 USH 28x35.5x5 A505
CU0320-K2 USH 28x35.5x5 F357
CU0357-K0 USH 30x40x6 A505
CU0357-K6 USH 30x40x6 F357
CU0382-K0 USH 31.5x41.5x6 A505
CU0382-K1 USH 31.5x41.5x6 F357
CU0424-K0 USH 35x45x6 A505
CU0424-K3 USH 35x45x6 F357
CU0451-K0 USH 35.5x45x6 A505
CU0451-K1 USH 35.5x45x6 F357
CU0497-K0 USH 40x50x6 A505
CU0497-K3 USH 40x50x6 F357
CU0567-K0 USH 45x55x6 A505
CU0567-K4 USH 45x55x6 F357
CU0572-K0 USH 45x56x7 A505
CU0572-K1 USH 45x56x7 F357
CU0619-K0 USH 50x60x6 A505
CU0619-K4 USH 50x60x6 F357
CU0679-K0 USH 53x63x6 A505
CU0679-K4 USH 53x63x6 F357
CU0694-K0 USH 55x65x6 A505
CU0722-K0 USH 56x66x6 A505
CU0722-K2 USH 56x66x6 F357
CU0746-K0 USH 60x70x6 A505
CU0746-K3 USH 60x70x6 F357
CU0750-K0 USH 60x71x7 A505
CU0786-K0 USH 63x73x6 A505
CU0786-K2 USH 63x73x6 F357
CU0809-K0 USH 65x75x6 A505
CU0809-K2 USH 65x75x6 F357
CU0828-K0 USH 67x77x6 A505
CU0828-K1 USH 67x77x6 F357
CU0849-K0 USH 70x80x6 A505
CU0849-K4 USH 70x80x6 F357
CU0879-K0 USH 71x80x6 A505
CU0879-K1 USH 71x80x6 F357
CU0901-K0 USH 75x85x6 A505
CU0939-K0 USH 80x90x6 A505
CU0939-K3 USH 80x90x6 F357
CU0984-K0 USH 85x100x9 A505
CU0984-K4 USH 85x100x9 F357
CU1021-K0 USH 90x100x6 A505
CU1024-K0 USH 90x105x9 A505
CU1024-K4 USH 90x105x9 F357
CU1051-K0 USH 95x110x9 A505
CU1051-K3 USH 95x110x9 F357
CU1067-K0 USH 98x112x8.5 A505
CU1067-K2 USH 98x112x8.5 F357
CU1082-K0 USH 100x115x9 A505
CU1082-K3 USH 100x115x9 F357
CU1135-K0 USH 106x120x8.5 A505
CU1135-K1 USH 106x120x8.5 F357
CU1157-K0 USH 110x125x9 A505
CU1178-K0 USH 112x125x8.5 A505
CU1178-K1 USH 112x125x8.5 F357
CU1179-K0 USH 112x125x9 A505
CU1204-K0 USH 118x132x8.5 A505
CU1252-K0 USH 125x140x9 A505
CU1252-K2 USH 125x140x9 F357
CU1280-K0 USH 130x145x9 A505
CU1291-K0 USH 132x145x8.5 A505
CU1306-K0 USH 136x150x8.5 A505
CU1306-K3 USH 136x150x8.5 F357
CU1323-K0 USH 140x155x9 A505
CU1323-K1 USH 140x155x9 F357
CU1343-K0 USH 145x160x9 A505
CU1343-K2 USH 145x160x9 F357
CU1359-K0 USH 150x165x9 A505
CU1359-K1 USH 150x165x9 F357
CU1406-K0 USH 160x175x9 A505
CU1406-K2 USH 160x175x9 F357
CU1429-K0 USH 165x180x9 A505
CU1429-K2 USH 165x180x9 F357
CU1483-K0 USH 180x200x12 A505
CU1483-K2 USH 180x200x12 F357
CU1543-K0 USH 200x220x12 A505
CU1543-K1 USH 200x220x12 F357
CU1563-K0 USH 204x224x12 A505
CU1563-K1 USH 204x224x12 F357
CU1596-K0 USH 220x240x12 A505
CU1609-K0 USH 224x244x12 A505
CU1637-K0 USH 230x250x12 A505
CU1637-K1 USH 230x250x12 F357
CU1657-K0 USH 240x260x12 A505
CU1678-K0 USH 250x270x12 A505
CU1702-K0 USH 260x280x14 A505
CU1702-K1 USH 260x280x14 F357
CU1756-K0 USH 295x315x14 A505
CU1793-K0 USH 335x355x14 A505
CU1959-K0 USH 85x95x6 A505
CU1962-K0 USH 280x300x14 A505
CU2002-K0 USH 380x400x14 A505
CU2516-K0 USH 190x210x12 A505
CU2516-K1 USH 190x210x12 F357
CU2536-K0 USH 28x36x5 A505
CU2548-K0 USH 16x24x5 A505
CU2548-K2 USH 16x24x5 F357
CU2692-K0 USH 14x22x5 A505
CU2819-K0 USH 32x42x6 A505
CU2971-K0 USH 24x32x5 A505
CU2971-K1 USH 24x32x5 F357
CU3017-K0 USH 22x30x5 A505
CU3017-K3 USH 22x30x5 F357
CU3038-K0 USH 175x190x9 A505
CU3040-K1 USH 36x46x6 A505
CU3187-K0 USH 27x35x5 A505
CU3248-K0 USH 12x20x5 A505
CU3253-K0 USH 35.5x45.5x6 A505
CU3255-K0 USH 58x68x6 A505
CU3259-K0 USH 115x130x8.5 A505
CU3261-K0 USH 155x170x9 A505
CU3262-K0 USH 170x185x9 A505
CU3263-K0 USH 195x215x12 A505
CU3267-K0 USH 300x320x12 A505
CU3270-K0 USH 355x375x14 A505
CU3271-K0 USH 400x420x14 A505
CU3273-K0 USH 450x470x14 A505
CU3275-K0 USH 500x525x17 A505


Company Imformation

Established in 2008, Guangzhou CYNOK Seals Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing sealing solutions and products for engineering machinery, automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial hydraulic equipment. At present, there are 35 employees in our company, two branches of automobile seals and industrial seals.We could produce repair kits for automotive engines, gearboxes and excavators.


Our company is the marketing center of Asahi Precision (Japan) in Guangzhou, responsible for the sales of our factory seals , after-sales market . The factory can design drawings, customize and develop sealed products for customers with short cycle and high efficiency. To provide custormers with professional technical and production services of Japanese engineers

Products:We represent many famous brands , such as NOK,SKF,NDK,Koyo, NAK,TCS,TTO Trelleborg, Hallite, etc. We can provide pluralistic seals solutions for customers.


Customer Service: We have our own factory, which can customize and develop products for our customers.In addition,we have built more than 1,000 square meters of warehouse to ensure adequate supply and delivery within 24 hours.


Our Factory

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 1

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 2



Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 3Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 4

Semi-finished products warehouse


Packing And Delivery

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 5

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seal CU0424-K0 35x45x6 USH 6

Delivery Way:Air Tansportation(DHL,UPS,Fedex and so on)&Ocean Shipping



1.Adequate inventory.


2.Forwarder with fixed cooperation,fixed and safe express delivery channels.


3.The company has been establishied for more than 10 years and has mature technology and experience.


4.Factory direct sales.


5.Cost-effective products.


6.Professional and passionate team.


7.Patient and friendly service attitude.


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Contact Details
Guangzhou Chuangyu Industrial And Trade Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Lareina

Tel: 16626445338

Fax: 86-020-82258297

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